Chris Tiew

Chris Tiew

Chris Tiew is a Certified ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor. Prior to this, he was certified as a Buzan Licensed Instructor. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Heriott Watt University, UK. An avid reader and a believer in continuous improvement, Chris has always been interested in the field of thinking and education. His keen interest led him to a meeting with Tony Buzan, the world’s renowned author, teacher, founder and inventor of Mind Maps® in 2008, which resulted in the establishment of Buzan Malaysia.

As a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and a practising Mind Mapper®, Chris is relentless in his pursuit to spread the Buzan passion of increasing mental literacy among Malaysians, through the Buzan Techniques, in particular Mind Mapping®.

Chris has co-authored a revision book entitled Buzan Mind Maps® for Science Form 1, the first of its kind in Malaysia using Buzan Mind Mapping® Laws. In February 2012, he co-authored five revision books and teachers’ resource packs on English Literature Using Mind Maps® for Secondary 1-3 students in Malaysia.

He began his career in 1980, as an auditor with Hanafiah Raslan Mohamad – Touche Ross, one of the “Big Four” Accounting firms in Malaysia back then. In 1988, Chris left the firm to pursue a career in Finance and Administration with a multi-national corporation before assuming the post of General Manager in a new company within the same corporation to promote and distribute centralised water filtration system, centralised vacuum system, and commercial and industrial cleaning equipment for the Malaysian market.

Chris left the Group after sixteen years of service to pursue his own aspiration as an entrepreneur. He started a business supplying microfibre cleaning products to the cleaning and hospitality industries, and therapeutic products to golf pro-shops. However, it was his passion in the field of thinking and education that led him into the amazing world of Mind Mapping®.

A Mind Map® of Chris Tiew

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