Buzan Reveals Five Food for The Brain

The Star – 3rd August 2008

PETALING JAYA: The creativity level of an individual decreases with age because brain cells die resulting in deterioration of memory capacity, said mental literacy guru Tony Buzan.

But there are ways to improve it with the five main “food for the brain” – life-long learning; honing the senses; rest and relaxation; friendship and love; and dieting.

Buzan said good leaders learn throughout their lives while senses needed to be developed such as listening skills and physical awareness.

“You also need time on your own to think as your brain needs to rest as well.

Love and affection from friendship is beneficial to the brain.

“Also, your diet is important because the brain regenerates its cells from what you eat. Good food equals good brain; junk food equals junk brain,” he said, adding that neurons that constitute “intelligence agents” of the brain must be developed.

Buzan was speaking at a public lecture BrainSmart Leaders in the Intelligence Age at Menara Star here yesterday.

He is the author of 98 books, including Use Your Head and the Mind Set series.

The two-hour lecture was jointly organised by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and the Malaysia Mental Literacy.

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