“Brain Capital and the Currency of Intelligence, the one capital which has never declined and the one currency that always increases if you invest in it.”

- Tony Buzan, Founder and Inventor of Mind Maps®

The world is becoming like a big city. People of diverse backgrounds can now interact with one and another, access information at the click of a button. We should live this new age with a renewed perspective.

We are entering into the Age of Intelligence, the Century of the Brain and the Millennium of the Mind. Major companies around the world are finding different ways to increase their competitive edge – harnessing technology, designing new strategies and employing top notch professionals to lead their teams.

What some companies have just realised is that, if they were to focus on how to better optimize and tap into their existing intellectual capital – i.e., the human resource capital, they will have a higher chance of success and a higher return on investment than the other interim solutions. For companies to do this, they must invest significantly to equip their people with the appropriate skills to help them nurture, manage and harness their Intellectual Capital.

Tony Buzan’s learning and thinking techniques have proven to be a core element in the development of teachers, educators, administrators, managers and top executives in the field of education and business. And his techniques on learning how to learn and learning to think are the most critical skills every student should have to be effective thinkers and to be successful in life.

And today, you can equip yourselves with these techniques to be better learners and thinkers at Buzan Malaysia.

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